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This Chord and Others


A collection of 6 plays
by Haresh Sharma
Published in 2000 by Minerva Press (London)

“The marginal voice here is now one of exile, suspension and loss; more than just a dissonant whisper, it has the power of some fearsomely universal cracks”
- Clarissa Oon, The Straits Times, Life!, 3 June 2000

This Chord and Others is an accomplished and thoroughly absorbing collection. Each play in this remarkable book tantalises the audience with its provocative and unique style. The plays in this collection are Be, In the Centre, Right in the Core, There is No New Thing Under the Sun, Rosnah, Top of the World and This Chord and Others. Haresh Sharma invites us to enter the minds and lives of a range of startling characters: Susan, who is plagued with grief at the loss of her daughter; Jen, who is a manifestation of modern self-interest; Rosnah, balancing cultural priorities. These are just a few of Sharma’s powerful creations, through whom he addresses issues such as grief, racial tension, alienation and avarice.